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Our clinical staff are highly trained and licensed. Dynamic Physical Therapy has been dedicated to serving our community for 20 years.

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  • The improvement is amazing and I couldn't have done it without all of the awesome people there... I have the tools and exercises I need to continue on my own and keep building up my strength.

    ~ Cara K.

  • I was diagnosed with Ageotropic Horizontal Positional Nystagmus. Unfortunately no one here was trained on treating my particular issue as I am one of the small number of people with this diagnosis. After doing a diagnostic test she said she could help me andproceeded to treat me. I can't say enough for the friendly, caring, professional treatment I received from everybody at Dynamic PT and highly recommend their care!

    ~ Steve M.

  • When I first started I barely had any range of motion in my ankle and even walking was a challenge. Now I can happily say that I can walk, jump and dance again. I feel a hundred percent better than I did before treatment and I'm sad to leave...

    ~ Breanna S.

  • I suffered a low back sprain from a work injury that was causing constant low back pain. I also have suffered with lumbar/sacral scoliosis pain off and on for the last decade. I had the pleasure of working with Lincoln at the Morgantown office for about 4 weeks. Lincoln and the staff are all very kind and professional. Today I was discharged and am so thankful to be able to move and continue activities of daily living pain free! Highly recommend!

    ~ Jessica T.

  • I am very pleased with the service I received from Dynamic. The therapist Tiffany was very instrumental in my recovery. She was attentive to my needs, her instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I would definitely use Dynamic again.

    ~ Kennedy 724

  • I highly recommend Tiffany Bryan. She and her team helped to get me back on track after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

    ~ K. Dalton

  • I just finished 6 weeks of care with Dr. Tiffany Bryan at Dynamic Physical Therapy. I could not have had better care by Dr. Bryan. - she evaluated me and identified my issue, created a specialized care plan, and provided hands on care and taught me strengthening and flexibility exercises which I will continue. I could not have had better care! The entire team at Dynamic were great and have my thanks!!

    ~ Rebecca M.

  • I worked with Tiffany and she was great! Helped me get stronger and reduce my lower back pain. They are all super nice there and I highly recommend them!

    ~ Kamrynn C.

  • Highly recommend this place if you are in need of great physical therapists! I had Tiffany, and she was beyond amazing! She is a hard worker and fantastic at her job! She made sure I was comfortable with my exercises and that I was properly executing them. And she's also one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met! Again highly recommend!

    ~ Bradon N.

  • Thank you Tiffany for helping me get back to 'normal'! Vertigo is no joke and she took the time, one on one, to recover!

    ~ Jamie W.

  • Great atmosphere great staff! They really listen and adjust to your needs which (for me) is really rare so I was super appreciative! Big thank yous to Tiffany and the rest of the staff! Y'all are great!

    ~ Rachel W.

  • Dynamic Physical Therapy in Star City is a friendly office that is accommodating to your schedule. Tiffany Bryan is a highly knowledgeable and effective therapist who customizes and tweaks the exercises as progress is made.

    ~ Karen M.

  • Tiffany is awesome!!!

    ~ Jackie R.

  • Tiffany is the BEST! I went from being 31, and using a cane to walk because of my dizziness to being freely walking and doing “normal” things easily within 8 weeks! Highly recommend her!

    ~ Jessica Z.

  • Tiffany Bryan have quick and courteous care and was easy to talk to, making therapy fun and easy while getting the help I needed. I went from having a lot of pain in my shoulder to pain free in just a few weeks.

    ~ Dennis B.

  • Tiffiney Bryan of Dynamic Physical Therapy ET AL was very professional and I was able to complete rehabilitation therapy in a few short weeks. I found them to be very efficient, friendly and punctual. Everyone there would make you feel so comfortable! Would highly recommend.

    ~ Jean C.

  • Tiffany was great at helping me with my persistent TMJ. Very personable & knowledgeable. Very clean facility & accommodating staff!

    Jennifer, Thank you for the great review. So glad we were able to help you with your TMJ problems. Good luck in the future! Feel free to stop by anytime.

    ~ Jennifer A.

  • They are a great team who works with the patient. They listen to the pain the patient is having for the day and working around the pain as to not make it worse. I enjoyed my time with them and felt as if they were family by the end of my therapy. I would highly recommend them to everyone who needs physical therapy for pain.

    ~ Jessica B.

  • Both Kayla and Tiffany were excellent caregivers at Dynamic Physical Therapy for me at the Star City clinic.

    ~ Robert R.

  • I had a great experience with both Kayla and Tiffany at Dynamic! They both took the time to truly understand my symptoms and to come up with a variety of exercises to get me back to 100% as quickly as possible. I appreciated their upbeat attitudes and willingness to listen as I progressed through my recovery.

    ~ Eva B.

  • I like to thank all of the staffs (Dr. Tiffany, Kayla?, and intern Erica, Albert) for their time and patient for getting me back to do my daily work pain free. Very friendly and sweet. If you have any physical and painful issues you need to stop by and check them out and get relief.

    ~ Kay M.

  • Tiffany really helped my shoulder, I definitely recommend Dynamic PT.

    ~ Lonnie H.

  • For over two months I was treated at Dynamic Physical Therapy in Star City, WV. Tiffany Bryan and Kayla Bell were my therapists. These two were absolutely outstanding!

    ~ Jack B.

  • Tiffany and Kayla were wonderful in directing my care and all the staff there are beyond Dynamic (especially Hank)! Thank you for putting me back on the road to normal!!!

    ~ Jill P.

  • My experience with Dynamic has been very good. Both Kayla and Tiffany were very helpful and knowledgeable in getting me back to where I wanted to be. Many times I would work with the aids Erica and Vinny with oversight of Kayla or Tiffany and both were very helpful as well. Because of them I'm on my way to full recovery. Thanks.

    ~ Jarrett J.

  • Tiffany and Kayla at Dynamic Physical Therapy are wonderful! They helped me reach all my goals. Thank you!

    Jennifer, we really appreciate you taking the time to write this review. Take Care!

    ~ Jennifer M.

  • The staff are great to work with, and made the whole process as smooth as possible! Great to work with schedule wise and super accommodating!

    ~ Servando A.

  • I cannot say enough good things about Tiffany, Kayla, Nate, Ms. Carla and of course the best greeter - Hank 🐶.

    From day one they were professional and helpful but also made me feel relaxed.

    ~ Karen M.

  • Thank You Tiffany and Kayla for working with me on pulled mussels in my leg. The exercises that you gave me helped my lower back also. If anyone is looking for a good Therapist go see Tiffany and Kayla at Dynamic Therapy. Thanks again ladies.

    ~ Bobby D.

  • Tiffany and Kayla are the best! I went initially for an arthritic knee and finished with an arthritic shoulder. My range of motion increased until I was better than average range. The home exercises didn't take any special equipment.

    ~ Elyzabeth M.

  • I had a great experience at Fyzical for my back pain. Tiffany and Kayla were great and fun to work with! They were hand’s on and worked with me to decrease my pain to get back to my regular activities. I would highly recommend Dynamic PT to anybody.

    ~ Victoria S.

  • My therapist, Tiffany, created exercise plans tailored to both home and gym workouts. She helped address posture issues through teaching correct muscles to strengthen while being upbeat and pleasant for our secessions.

    ~ John B.

  • They helped fix my ankle after a nasty fall at work. Tiffany expertly guided me through workouts, set an at-home routine, and helped get me back to normal!

    Highly recommend this place.

    ~ David

  • I had a great experience with Dynamic PT. Their Star City office is very welcoming and professional. Tiffany is a great PT who is creative in different modalities to challange her patients. Kayla is a great PTA that focuses on proper technique. I would recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy.

    ~ Adam C.

  • I had a very good experience working with Kayla and Tiffany at Fyzical Therapy. Their care and at home exercises help my balance and mobility. The balance class was very informational and helpful to me. Would highly recommend taking balance training.

    ~ Stephanie H.

  • I went to Dynamic for both TMJ disorder pain, dizziness and stress/anxiety tension. They were able to help and resolve dizziness quickly and the pain in my jaw is the least it’s been in years! I have many new exercises that I can do at home to continue the healing. I am very grateful for their help!

    ~ Rita N.

  • Tiffany and Kayla were fantastic at addressing my goals I wanted to achieve at FYZICAL and giving me the techniques to reach/keep them. The environment was welcoming and positive; I highly recommend this establishment.

    ~ Olivia R.

  • I recently had the pleasure of working with Tim Turner and the staff at Dynamic. They are knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I would recommend this business.

    ~ Kim F.

  • Working with Tim greatly reduced my head and neck pain in just a few weeks. I would definitely recommend!

    ~ Rae Anne H.

  • Kayla, Tiffany, and the rest of the staff at Dynamic were AMAZING! They were all kind, friendly, and helped me after my accident and surgery. I would highly recommend FYZICAL to anyone who is in need of PT.

    ~ Maggie P.

  • This place is great! The staff is so kind and they make it so easy to talk to them. They really strive to help you get better and comfortable again! Also, Hank is always ready to welcome the people that come in and make every visit enjoyable! I would 10/10 recommend Dynamic PT!!

    ~ Analys C.

  • Tim was wonderful. Personable and professional. He helped me get back on track to my every day running for which I am forever thankful! Truly the whole care staff there are so kind. Thank you for all you do, Dynamic!

    ~ Caitlin T.

  • I've been to this company twice. This last time for frozen shoulder. I can't say enough about it. Tim Turner was one of the best therapist I've had. But every one of them were awesome. Would recommend it highly.

    ~ Selling con Jeremy

  • Therapist Tim Turner helped me greatly with my jaw dislocation. I couldn't open my mouth to even eat a hot dog. With Tim's help I can now eat a hot dog without pain. I give him 5 Stars+. I will recommend him to my family and friends. Thanks Tim.

    ~ Judy L.

  • This is Dell Jones, I want to Thank Tiffany & Kayla for everything they did for me. It was tough & real fun. I do appreciate everything they did for me. Thanks again, Dell.

    ~ Dillwyn J.

  • Tiffany and Kayla were very helpful and addressed any concerns I had.

    ~ Lou D.

  • Tiffany and Kayla and all the staff at fyzical Therapy and Balance center were extremely professional and instrument al in my recovery. I would recommend Dynamic PT to anyone who requires this kind of service.

    ~ Jerry K.

  • My wife was referred to Dynamic PT in October 2021 for vestibular therapy.Tiffany Bryan did an outstanding job working with us twice a week all the way to graduation day February 11 2022,I can not begin to commend her enough for all her help, guidance and professionalism.

    ~ Tim M.

  • I had a great experience at Dynamic PT! Everyone was kind and willing to work with me in achieving my goals. Tiffany and Caysie were great! Thanks so much for everything.

    ~ Mary S.

  • Tim and Caysie were both very professional, courteous, and 100% there for me. I highly recommend not only Tim and Caysie but the whole staff at Dynamic PT.

    ~ Dave R.

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    Did you know a lot of adults, especially those who work in offices, often get neck pain? In fact, up to 80% of people might feel neck pain in a year. It's not just a small problem; it can really affect someone's life and work. It also can seriously impact

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    Chronic neck pain is more than just a nuisance; it's a condition that affects daily activities and overall well-being. Chronic pain is defined as pain that’s persisted for more than 90 days. For many, the solution lies in physical therapy, a personalized

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