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Rated 5/5 based on 4 customer reviews
"I have been in pain for 4 years and I have tried Chiropractors and thought that I was going to be in pain the rest of my life. My PCP gave me a referral for physical therapy and I called Dynamic and an appointment was set with Heikki. After an evaluation, he started to treat my condition and I am feeling much better with less pain after each visit. Thank you to the entire staff, you are all wonderful people. "
Sep 07, 2023
"I had previously been treated at another therapy group in Morgantown for chronic lower back pain. After months of treatment, I had no improvement and no relief. I just came to the conclusion that I would not get any better and would have to deal with it. I was given the name of a physical therapist by the name of Riivald Heikki, and was just told to go see him just once. WOW!, what a visit. Within the first 30 minutes he found the problem area, and started treating that specific area, and explained what was wrong in a unique way that was completely understandable. His plan included deep massage therapy, and a exercise regiment. After about the fourth visit, I had less pain than in the past three or four years. Now, I have no pain unless I lift to much, but with the exercise regiment he gave me, I can quickly and easily release the pain. If you are looking for game changing results, this is your guy and I can't express how grateful I am. Everytime I finished my visit I would say,"I came here feeling 5'6, and am leaving 5'8, lol. I could go on and on, but just go see him."
Jul 26, 2023
"I broke my wrist and my thumb and was in a cast for 8 weeks. After my cast came off my Dr. sent me for six weeks of therapy which of course I thought I didn’t need. Boy was I wrong. Tiffany and Lincoln actually made it a pleasure experience! They are really good at what they do and they both have wonderful personalities and they really care about their patients. I would highly recommend Dynamic for anyone who need’s therapy!!"
Mar 07, 2023
"In the beginning I couldn’t wash my hair, drive bend over to do normal everyday activities. I had to use my right hand/arm for everything, once Anna and Ben started to do traction it relieved my symptoms immediately I was amazed by how something like that could give someone relief like that. I would recommend Anna and Ben to anyone that needs any type of therapy, they are wonderful and very helpful "
Mar 03, 2023

The improvement is amazing and I couldn't have done it without all of the awesome people there…I have the tools and exercises I need to continue on my own and keep building up my strength.

Cara K.

I was diagnosed with Ageotropic Horizontal Positional Nystagmus. Unfortunately no one here was trained on treating my particular issue as I am one of the small number of people with this diagnosis. After doing a diagnostic test she said she could help me andproceeded to treat me. I can't say enough for the friendly, caring, professional treatment I received from everybody at Dynamic PT and highly recommend their care!

Steve M.

When I first started I barely had any range of motion in my ankle and even walking was a challenge. Now I can happily say that I can walk, jump and dance again. I feel a hundred percent better than I did before treatment and I’m sad to leave…

Breanna S.