Side Leg Raise | Knee Pain | Dynamic Minute | Ep. 4

Hi, this is Lincoln Kinkade, founding owner of Dynamic Physical Therapy coming back to you today with our third exercise in the knee pain series. Whether you have arthritis or you’ve done a little bit of over training and developed some pain around your knee cap, or had a strain or a sprain this third exercise is very safe for you to do in the comfort of your own home–along with the “Quad Set” in video number one and the “Straight Leg Raise” in video number two.

Today, we’re going to a straight leg raise but we’re going to do it in a side lying position. So, laying on my side, I’m going to keep my bottom knee bent. I’m going to straighten this top leg. And this is really going to help me strengthen the glutial muscles–or the butt muscles–which provide a lot of lateral support for the knee. I’m going to raise the leg up twelve inches, and then I’m going to come back down, relax, tighten the muscles and raise again.

I’m going to do ten repetitions of that exercise. If you have no pain, you can bump that up to fifteen repetitions tomorrow when you do this exercise again.

I hope these exercises have been beneficial for you and help you alleviate your knee pain.

And if you’re in pain now, please give a call and schedule your Free Screening today!

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