Recurrent Ankle Sprains and Treatment for Ankle Sprains

Recurrent Ankle Sprains

When a person tends to strike the ground with the outside edge the foot, they may be more likely to sprain their ankle, especially when running or walking on uneven surfaces.

Ankle Anatomy

treatment for ankle sprains When the ankle is sprained, one or more ligaments around the ankle are often stretched or torn. With repetitive sprains, the ankle may become progressively more unstable as the ligaments continue to be stretched further and further.



Treatment for Ankle Sprains:  Physical Therapy

Physical therapy following an ankle sprain initially involves techniques to help reduce pain and swelling.

As pain decreases, flexibility exercises are initiated to restore normal motion. Then, in an attempt to provide greater stability to the ankle and prevent recurrent sprains, physical therapists often prescribe exercises to strengthen the supporting structures around the foot and ankle as well as improve balance and agility.

Dynamic Physical Therapy

If you or a family member requires physical therapy, including following an ankle sprain, please call Dynamic Physical Therapy:  (304) 225-5222.

We utilize a combination of hands-on techniques and therapeutic exercise in a patient-centered environment to truly generate Health In Motion.


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