Quad Set | Knee Pain | Dynamic Minute | Ep. 2

Knee Pain | Quad Set | The Dynamic Minute Ep. 2 from Dynamic Physical Therapy on Vimeo.

Hi. One of the common problems we treat at physical therapy is knee pain. And today I am going to show you a very safe exercise that you can do at home.

And the purpose of this exercise is to get your quadricep muscle–the big muscle in your thigh–to start functioning better. Because sometimes when you have pain, or you’ve had an accident, the body’s natural response is to shut a muscle down.

This exercise is called the “Quad Set.” You can do it in a seated position or in a laying position. All I’m doing is tightening my quad muscle and pushing the back of my knee down into the table. You’ll notice I get a slight extension in the knee. I’m going to hold that contraction for five seconds and then I’m going to relax. I’d recommend starting out with ten repetitions. And if you have no pain you can go up to 15 repetitions the next day you do this exercise.

If you prefer, you can lay down and do the same exercise in the supine position. Notice again, I’m just tightening my quad, straightening the knee slightly, holding for five seconds, and relaxing. I hope this helps you with your knee pain and come back next week when I’m going to show you the next exercise that can be very beneficial.

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