Physical Therapy in Morgantown for a Torn ALC

Logan Wotring, Morgantown High School senior football player and wrestler, went to Dynamic Physical Therapy to do rehabilitation following the tear to his ACL.

In 8th grade, Logan initially tore his meniscus during wrestling practice.  It was only a few years later that 5 games into his junior football season he thought he retore his meniscus. As a passionate and competitive athlete, Logan did not give up. He played through his injuries for the remaining football games and wrestling season with a brace.

With the fall and winter sports completed, Logan learned that he actually had a torn ACL and needed surgery. Following the surgery, Logan and his mom knew that he would need a physical therapist that they could trust to help get him back to normal.

Knee Rehab

During his regular physical therapy appointments, Logan and his mom felt at ease as Chris Jones, Physical Therapist, was very accommodating and explained what he was doing and why he was doing it.  Even when it was hard at times for Logan to see the improvements that were being made, Chris could see the progress and encouraged Logan to keep going.

Sports Injuries knee rehabilitation

Within 6 months of his surgery and rehabilitation, Logan was back on the field, getting back into the swing of football.

Thanks to the the staff at Dynamic Physical Therapy, they allowed him to quickly recover so that he could be active and play the sports he loves.

If you have been injured in a sports-related injury in or around Morgantown and need rehabilitation, call today for an appointment, or click here to learn more about sports injuries.

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