Neck Stretches | Dynamic Minute | Ep. 11

Here are two easy stretches you can do at home to help with your neck pain.

The Dynamic Minute is a weekly series of health and wellness tips from the staff here at Dynamic Physical Therapy, where our passion is to help you feel, move, and live better!

Hi, this is Lincoln Kinkade, founding owner of Dynamic Physical Therapy, coming back to you, one more time, to talk about neck pain and some simple things you can do at home. I like to teach people how to do two very simple stretches that can provide a lot of relief.

The first stretch is an upper trapezius stretch. This is the big muscle that we see right here from our shoulder that connects up in the back of our skull behind our ear. I’m going to simply keep my head in a good alignment, drop my ear towards my shoulder, and I’m going to reach up and give a very gentle stretch. And I’m going to hold this for about thirty seconds.

You don’t want to pull so intensely that it increases your pain, or that it hurts and you have to relax. Again, hold it for thirty seconds, as long as it’s not increasing your pain.

The second stretch that I like to help people with is called a levator scapulae stretch. That’s a fancy word for a muscle that attaches to your shoulder blade and up to the back of your head.

For this one I’m going to look into my armpit and I’m going to reach up with the hand on the same side and gently pull my nose into my armpit. And again, I’m going to hold that for 20-30 seconds, as long as it feels like it’s all muscular stretch. Again if you have pain, or this makes any of your symptoms worse, stop immediately.

I hope this helps you all get over some of your common neck pain. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and give me a call.

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