Neck Roll | Dynamic Minute | Ep. 10

Using two rolled towels, this simple exercise will help alleviate your neck pain.

The Dynamic Minute is a weekly series of health and wellness tips from the staff here at Dynamic Physical Therapy, where our passion is to help you feel, move, and live better!

Hey everybody this is Lincoln Kinkade founding owner of Dynamic Physical Therapy, back to talk to you about neck pain and what you can do at home to help alleviate it.

If you woke up this morning and your neck is just feeling stiff, and tired, and kind of angry this is a simple exercise you can do.

What I have right here are two towels that are rolled up together to create a nice little roll that we can use around your neck. I simply overlap the towels, hold them down here at the bottom.

And what I’m going to do is close my eyes and I’m going to slowly rotate my head–right now in a counter-clockwise direction. I’m going very, very slow. I’m trying to relax the muscles in my neck–decrease our natural inhibitory responses.

If I hit a spot over here that hurts, I’m going to first try to slow down the movement a little bit. And if it still hurts I’m simply going to change direction.

My goal is to do five rotations in each direction with no pain. You need to go really, really slow so the muscles in your neck can relax and hopefully a few hours later you’ll feel better, you’ll realize that you’re moving further, having less discomfort.

I recommend keeping a towel at work if this is a common problem for you. But again, with any exercise I ever recommend, if it increases your pain, or feels like it’s causing damage, stop immediately.

You guys have a great day.

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