Neck Pain | Dynamic Minute | Ep. 9

Few things are as debilitating as neck pain. In this week’s episode, Lincoln describes the most common causes of neck pain and why you may be experiencing discomfort.
The Dynamic Minute is a weekly series of health and wellness tips from the staff here at Dynamic Physical Therapy, where our passion is to help you feel, move, and live better!
Hey everybody this is Lincoln Kinkade with Dynamic Physical Therapy. My next series of videos is going to be talking about the three common causes of neck pain and some simple things you can do to help alleviate that at home.
The three common causes we see with neck pain are, number one, just a simple stiff neck. Maybe you sleep in a wrong position; you wake up in the morning and the muscles are tight and angry.
The next thing we see involves a pinched nerve. If you’re getting hot, burning pain in your arm or numbness in your fingers, this could be due to a nerve pinch in your neck.
And the third thing we see related to neck pain is just kind of wear and tear due to age. As we age, this discs in our neck lose water content and as they shrink we begin to have bony contact and arthritis develops, and that can also pinch your nerve.
So, for the next three videos we’re going to talk about simple things you can do at home to try to take care of this on your own.
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