Free Neck Pain and Headaches Workshop

The cervical spine or the neck is a strong, flexible yet very delicate part of the body the consists of several nerves, blood vessels and the spinal cord, but it’s susceptible to many problems due daily wear and tear, injury or even lifestyle choices.

Neck pain is the number three cause for chronic pain among Americans and is a large public health issue for over-all health and personal well-being.

If you’re one of 25 percent Americans suffering from neck pain, as with back pain, it can be caused by many factors like poor postural habits, along with extended sitting at your desk with your shoulders drooped over or poor bending and lifting mechanics.

neck pain and headaches

Headaches on the other hand can be caused by lifestyle habits, hereditary factors or could result from eye strain and stress build-up.

Neck pain and headaches can occur at various levels, affect people of all ages and hinder daily basic activities. For example, some of the typical complaints could include:

  • Your neck hurting worse in the evening or as the day progresses
  • Your day starting out fine, but the longer you sit at your desk, the worse your headache gets
  • Not being able to turn your head far enough to see your mirrors when driving

To help you alleviate that pain and improve the quality of your daily activities, Dynamic Physical Therapy will be holding a free Neck Pain and Headache Workshop at the Sabraton practice location Saturday, Aug. 27 at 10 a.m.

Free Neck Pain and Headaches Workshop

At the workshop, some of the talking points will include:

  • I have a pain that starts at the base of my skull in the back and runs over the top of my head to my eye.
  • It hurts to sit at the computer or drive.
  • I woke up with a “stiff neck.”
  • I get a stabbing pain in my shoulder when I look up or turn my head.
  • I have a burning pain in my neck that runs down my arm. I only get relief when I put my hand behind my head.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding neck pain or headaches and want to attend the workshop, register by clicking below to RSVP to the event. Limited space is available!

Start getting relief!


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