How to Maintain Correct Posture While at a Desk

Many people spend hours a day sitting in front of a computer using incorrect posture.

maintain-correct-posture to reduce shoulder pain

Steps to Maintain Correct Posture While at a Desk

  1. Rest your legs firmly on your seat.
  2. Raise the back rest on your chair to the point that it allows you to scoot all the way back.
  3. Tuck your butt in. This will support your lumbar curve, which puts you in the best position to avoid low back and shoulder pain.
  4. As you approach your computer, you should be close enough to your work so that your elbows and arms rest at your side. There should be a bend in your arms.  Allow your wrist to rest on your computer or your work tray, if you have a pull out tray.
  5. Set a timer for every 15 minutes that will remind you to scoot back in your chair, sit up straight and pull your shoulder blades back.  This will prevent shoulder and neck pain.

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