Leg Raise | Knee Pain | Dynamic Minute | Ep. 3

This is Lincoln Kinkade coming back at you again today with the second exercise you can do if you have knee pain. It doesn’t matter of your knee pain is due to arthritis, maybe a little bit of overtraining, or maybe you’ve had a slip or a fall.

This exercise is called a “straight leg raise” and it is best done in a laying position. So, I’m going to work on my left leg today, so it’s going to be straight; my right leg is bent to help support the weight of my leg as I lift it. I’m going to contract my quadricep muscle–the big muscle in my thigh–and I’m going to slowly raise about twelve inches off the ground and then come back down. I’m going to relax. I’m going to tighten again, and raise.

I’d recommend starting with ten repetitions. If you find that you have no pain or discomfort with ten repetitions, you can jump up to fifteen repetitions tomorrow, when you do this exercise again.

Be sure to watch for video number three next week, when I show you the third exercise in the series.

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