Improve Flexibility with These Stretching Essentials

Physical therapists often prescribe stretching to help prevent injury by creating proper muscular balance around a given joint. What stretching parameters should be used in order to gain muscle length and improve flexibility?

Join us as we talk about the stretching essentials to improve flexibility.

Stretching Essentials To Improve Flexibility and Muscle Length

Stretching Essentials To Improve Flexibility

In a series of research articles published in the journal Physical Therapy, researchers found that in healthy subjects, one repetition of 30 seconds performed just one time a day improved hamstring muscle length as effectively as either a 60-second hold or when using multiple bouts of 30-second holds throughout the day.

In addition to hold time, the intensity of the stretch is important as well. Stretching is performed too aggressively. Muscles have specialized receptors located within the tendon which help detect changes in tension. If these receptors sense too much tension, as with overly aggressive stretching, the muscle fibers may actually contract in order to prevent injury.

Stretching a muscle while it is actively contracting will produce little if any improvement in muscle length and overall flexibility. It may actually result in tissue damage. When you stretch, your  stretch should be taken only to the point where a moderate stretching sensation is felt and should never result in pain or feelings of intense strain.

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