Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Morgantown, West Virginia

Physical therapy is often prescribed to address a variety of shoulder problems that result in pain and loss of function. One such condition of the shoulder commonly treated in the physical therapy clinic is adhesive capsulitis, more commonly referred to as frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder treatmentFrozen shoulder describes a disorder in which the shoulder becomes progressively tighter as adhesions develop between the fibers that make up the joint capsule, a sleeve of tissue that surrounds the shoulder joint.  

This tightness often causes a significant amount of pain with routine daily activities. Subsequently, people often adopt a pain-avoidance strategy, using the affected shoulder in an ever-shrinking range of motion which only serves to compound the problem.




Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Frozen shoulders can resolve by themselves without any outside intervention. However, full recovery can take up to one year or more.  Physical therapists help to speed up this process by employing a variety of techniques designed to:

  • stretch the joint capsule
  • break the painful adhesions that limit normal range of motion
  • restore overall function

Dynamic Physical Therapy

Shoulder pain can seriously impact your life. Not getting the therapy you need could result in worsening conditions, such as

  • weakness of your muscles or tendons
  • pain even when your muscles are at rest
  • the inability to lift your arm
  • numbness or tingling
  • swelling or bruising

When you experience this type of pain, your brain starts to adapt the way you move in order to relieve the pain, but in an incorrect way.

If you or a family member requires physical therapy, including treatment for frozen shoulder, contact Dynamic Physical Therapy. We utilize a combination of hands-on techniques and therapeutic exercise in a patient-centered environment to truly generate Health In Motion: (304) 225-0910.

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