Knee Pain | Dynamic Minute | Ep. 1

The Dynamic Minute Ep. 1 from Dynamic Physical Therapy on Vimeo.

Hey everybody, this is Lincoln Kinkade. I’m the founding owner of Dynamic Physical Therapy. And this week I want to talk to you about knee pain.

We commonly see three distinct types of knee pain here at our clinic. The first comes from a person who might be a little bit more mature. You’ve worked hard your whole like and you are beginning to develop some arthritis in your knee.

The second person that we commonly see is somebody that does a lot of running or jumping–we might call this a “runner’s knee” or a “jumper’s knee.” Maybe you’ve had a sudden change in your training volume and you’ve started to develop some pain.

And the third thing we commonly treat is just a strain or sprain of the knee–maybe you fell down on some slick grass or tripped going down the steps.

Regardless of the cause of your pain, I’m going to show you three very safe exercises in the upcoming weeks that you can do in the security and comfort of your own home to help start healing again.

And if you’re in pain now, please give a call and schedule your Free Screening today!

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