Decrease Lower Back Pain with Body Mechanic Basics

Have you noticed your lower back has been hurting recently from lifting objects repeatedly? Many lower back injuries are a result of faulty body mechanics. There are three steps that can help you decrease your lower back pain and any injury associated with it.

3 Tips to Reduce Lower Back Pain

Lower Back PainBack injuries are a common occurrence for many people across a variety of occupations and activities. A majority of back injuries occur not from lifting extremely heavy objects, but instead from repetitive lifting of relatively lighter objects with poor technique.

A number of guidelines should be employed to prevent lower back strain when lifting. These three tips will help you in decreasing your lower back pain.

  • First, make sure that the object is as close to you as possible.

The further the object is from an individual’s base of support, the greater the weight of the object and thus the greater the strain on the lower back muscle.

  • Second, be sure to lift using the legs.

Assume a squatting position while keeping the lower back straight.  Grasp the weight equally in both hands. Upon standing, make sure that the shoulders remain higher than the hips and that no twisting motion occurs.

  • Third, lift only the amount of weight that can be comfortably handled.

Lifting heavier loads in an attempt to save time may only increase the chance for injury. Using these guidelines will help you in saving time and energy from not injuring yourself.

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