Cross-Friction Massage Treatment in Morgantown, West Virginia

Cross-friction massages can be used to maintain mobility in soft tissue structures like ligaments, tendons and muscles. It can be performed in 1-2 minutes or 15-20 minutes, depending on a patient’s evaluation.

What is a Cross-Friction Massage?

cross friction massage
Physical therapists employ a variety of massage techniques when treating musculoskeletal injuries. One type of massage, cross-friction massage, is commonly used to treat cases of chronic tendonitis.

Unlike Swedish Massage, which uses long, flowing strokes along the length of the tissue to reduce pain and promote relaxation, cross-friction massage directs force across the tissue in an attempt to break up adhesions and scarring that may have formed during overuse.

Breaking down this damaged tissue may help to jump-start the healing process within the tendon that may have stalled out due to repetitive injury.

With this damaged tissue removed, new tissue may then be able to regenerate in its place thus allowing for full tendon healing and a return to normal, pain-free function.

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If you or a family member requires physical therapy, including tendonitis treatment, please call Dynamic Physical Therapy.We utilize a combination of hands-on techniques with therapeutic exercise in a patient-centered environment so our patients will truly experience Health In Motion.

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