Benefits of Physical Therapy in a Pool

Why is Water Exercise so Beneficial to the Body?

The upward force of the buoyancy of water minimizes the effects of gravity. Its’ supporting nature offers many benefits that may be of greatest value to beginner exercisers, those experiencing joint or muscle pain and those rehabilitating after an injury or surgery.

The buoyancy of water offers support allowing less impact on the joints, which enables you to work hard in a comfortable and enjoyable environment. Water will help you move in a range that makes you feel good in a safe and effective manner.

Therapy Pool

People who have a lot of knee pain (for example), due to degenerative changes in their knee, may not be a surgical candidate at this point but still need to strengthen their knee.  A pool is a great way to strengthen them as pain free as possible.  The buoyancy of the pool will help alleviate some of their pain and is an excellent way to start the rehab process.  Once a patient begins to make improvements that are possible because of water, we can migrate them out of the pool into the gym and focus more on performing everyday activities.

The natural buoyancy of water allows physical therapists to take the stress off your joints, which allows you to move more freely, in a natural pattern and helps restore movement and function very quickly.  The natural characteristics of water also provide resistance that patients need to get stronger in their hips, knees, back and shoulders.

Having access to a therapeutic pool is very important as a physical therapy patient when you’re unable to walk at a high cadence or jog as well.  A pool can help transition your care in a way that allows you to get back to normal quickly.  You may be an athlete that has a stress fracture of the tibia, but once you get in the pool on an underwater treadmill, you’re able to walk and many times jog with no pain.

Many times when people are recovering after surgery, whether they’ve had an ankle surgery or a knee surgery, back surgery, hip surgery, water can help the patient go from using an assisted device when walking on dry land to not needing one while in the pool.  It’s a natural transition where the buoyancy of water decreases your body weight and helps make the transition very smooth.


Dynamic Physical Therapy

From a therapeutic standpoint, our pool is open to all of our patients.  We have a physical therapist who is available for one-to-one treatment on a daily basis.  Many patients like to use the pool and enjoy the benefits of exercising in water.

We have open swim times and open exercise times as well where people from the community can call and schedule a time to come in and swim or get on our underwater treadmill.

We also have structured water aerobics classes two evenings a week. One class is designed to allow people with arthritis to come in and workout in a low impact environment, stretch and strengthen themselves in a fashion that is very safe for them.  The second is a regular water aerobics class for people who want a more high intensity workout where you want to breathe hard, where you’re going to sweat but you’re going to have a great workout and love where you do it.

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