Back Pain Treatment in Morgantown

Certain types of lower back injuries can produce pain that radiates into the leg. This pain commonly results from a bulge in the disc, the fibrous structure that lies between each bony segment that makes up the spine. When the disc bulges, it can pinch the nerves where they exit the spinal column.

Are Leg Pain and Back Injuries Related?

This abnormal pressure can irritate the nerve, thus producing pain that travels down the leg.

Prolonged sitting or forward bending tends to make the pain worse because these positions often result in movement of the watery inner substance of the disc that then increases the size of the bulge and subsequently increases pressure on the nerve.

Leg and Back Pain Treatment

Physical therapists often treat patients presenting with back pain that radiates into the leg in an attempt to conservatively manage the symptoms and avoid surgery.

back pain treatment Specific exercises that produce an arching of the back can be an effective means for reducing pressure on the nerve and eliminating leg pain. Traction, in which the legs and pelvis are gently drawn away from the lower back, can also be successful in decreasing leg pain by drawing the disc bulge away from the nerve.


Other methods to control associated lower back pain and spasm are often employed as well and can include massage, stretching, mobilizations and ice.

Low Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop

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