Difference between Physical Therapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy

Physical Therapy Defined The difference between physical therapy and chiropractic and massage therapy Physical therapists treat people that have pain or physical impairment. ¬†They are trained to evaluate your pain, determine why it hurts and develop a plan of action to help you get better. Physical therapists see people who are recovering from surgery, those who hope to avoid surgery, those who were injured during a sporting or work activity and people who have lived with pain for a number of years and are not sure why. Physical therapy teaches you how to move effectively, creating balance in your life where you have the strength and mobility you need. Overall, it helps you lead a more rewarding life by allowing you to perform the activities that are important to you. Physical therapy provides you with strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises, range of motion exercises as well as aquatic therapy exercises that will be done in an office but can be replicated at home as well for faster healing. Don’t be one to group PT, massage therapy and chiropractic medicine together though. ¬†These are very different areas of practice, and below you will see how they differ from one another. […]