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Electrical Stimulation

At Dynamic Physical Therapy we pair the professional knowledge of our staff with the latest technology to increase patient’s healing and strength, as well as reduce and alleviate pain. Our physical therapists use Electrical Stimulation to create muscle contraction and promote healing, through nerve or muscle contraction.

Home Exercise Programs

Dynamic Physical Therapist provides all patients with home exercise programs to facilitate in-house treatment. Our therapists have implemented home exercise programs to help educate our patients and increase their strength, accelerate healing, and prevent future injury. At Dynamic Physical therapy we know properly equipping patients and providing practical solutions will get them better faster.


Dynamic Physical Therapy utilizes the technology of Iontophoresis to enhance healing and strength, as well as decrease inflammation and pain by administering a variety of mediations via direct electrical currents directly into the injured tissue. Iontophoresis allows our physical therapists to directly treat patient’s pain and inflammation and is used to facilitate and support our manual therapy techniques.


Dynamic Physical Therapy uses Phonophoresis as part of their effective therapy programs. Phonophoresis is the use of ultrasound to enhance the delivery and absorption of topically applied drugs. Phonophoresis allows our physical therapists to directly apply anti-inflammatory treatment, to decrease pain and inflammation, while increasing range of motion and strength to the area.  Phonophoresis is used in combination with our manual therapy techniques.

Manual Therapy

Dynamic Physical Therapy truly values ‘hands-on’, manual therapy. At Dynamic Physical Therapy we don’t rely on a device or machine to care for our patients, we believe in personal care. Our highly skilled physical therapists use manual therapy to apply pressure to a variety of soft tissue and joint restrictions to decrease pain and increase mobilization.

Paraffin Bath

Dynamic Physical Therapy uses Paraffin Baths as therapy to provide soothing heat to extremities, allowing the warmth to increase mobility and help with pain control in joints, tissue, and skin. Paraffin Bath therapy reduced pain and stiffness around the joints and is especially beneficial in the treatment of arthritis. At Dynamic Physical Therapy, Paraffin Baths are used in conjunction with our manual therapy programs to effectively warm up and loosen tissues and muscles.


Dynamic Physical Therapy utilizes both manual and mechanical traction techniques. Traction is the application of force to allow separation of spinal segments. Traction releases pressure and decreases compression on nerve roots. Our skilled physical therapists use traction to increase comfort, blood flow, and elasticity.


Dynamic Physical Therapy uses Ultrasound waves to increase tissue relaxation, blood flow, and scar tissue breakdown. Ultrasound can be used with or without heat and is intended for deep healing. Ultrasound technology allows our physical therapists to directly treat patient’s pain and is used to facilitate and support our manual therapy techniques