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Dynamic Physical Therapy offers a comprehensive range of physical therapy services and is comprised of a highly knowledgeable and caring staff. At Dynamic Physical Therapy our patient care is built on providing true personal attention and manual therapy techniques. Dynamic is committed to convenient, accessible patient care, and is located in seven communities throughout North Central West Virginia.

Lincoln Kinkade’s vision was to provide genuine personal care, one-on-one treatment and individual attention, while delivering truly manual, hands-on physical therapy techniques, within communities – at convenient locations, accessible to patients. With years of experience, having attained in-depth skills and knowledge, Lincoln decided to make his vision a reality, and in 2003 he welcomed the Morgantown community to Dynamic Physical Therapy.

The communities of North Central West Virginia have experienced the Dynamic difference. Referrals sources and community members recognized the need for Dynamic Physical Therapy’s model, based on truly caring for patient’s wellbeing and treating every patient with individual attention.

As always, Lincoln and the Dynamic Physical Therapy team responded to patients needs, and began to expand their locations throughout the community, remaining true to their commitment to convenient, accessible patient care. Beginning in Westover, Dynamic Physical Therapy first reached out to the Fairmont and Jane Lew communities.

In 2008, Lincoln partnered with Phil Cooke, an experienced physical therapist, and opened the Dynamic Physical Therapy practice on Pineview Drive.

Dynamic Physical Therapy has proven itself as a genuine, caring, personal provider of physical therapy and has continued to seek out new opportunities to improve the wellbeing of patients and the communities in which they work, with locations expanding to Sabraton, Pleasant Valley, and Bridgeport.

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Our goal is to make each patient feel unique.


Our goal is to make each patient feel unique. We are dedicated to providing patients with one-on-one personal attention and individual care. At Dynamic Physical Therapy patients are not just a number, they are truly the most integral assets of the company, and we treat them in that way.

We are confident in the expert skills and professional knowledge of our staff to provide the most effective ‘hands-on’, manual therapy techniques. Mechanical procedures, devices and technology are only used to facilitate and further enhance our manual therapy practices.


We want to make our patient’s lives easier, more enjoyable, and are therefore dedicated to meet patients in their own communities. We have seven convenient and accessible locations Morgantown, Westover, Sabraton, Fairmont, Pleasant Valley, Bridgeport, and Jane Lew.